The 3-inch (76 mm) cast metal pumps can achieve a flow rate of up to 1,000 l/min (264 gal/min) and offer a wide array of materials and connections.

The pump's design ensures high abrasion resistance when handling abrasive materials and low flow resistance. Standard models feature opposite inlet and outlet ports, which can be rotated 180º to maximize installation versatility.

These pumps are commonly used for transfer, filling, recirculation, and batch dispensing across various industries.


The 2-inch (51 mm) pumps, constructed from injection-molded plastic parts, achieve flow rates of up to 650 l/min (172 gal/min). They are available in either natural or conductive polypropylene and PVDF, ensuring optimal fluid compatibility and corrosion resistance.

To prevent material leakage onto the pump foot, inlet and outlet ports are laterally offset. The connections for both inlet and outlet can be rotated 180º to enhance versatility in pump installation.

The flanged connections comply with both DIN and ANSI standards. These pumps are commonly utilized for transfer, filling, and batch dispensing across various industries.

* Pumps with a green marking below are standard models that we stock, ensuring rapid delivery within 1-2 working days from our warehouse in Älta.